Friday, March 11, 2016

Lesson #3 - SOMS changes the World

A Chance for Victory! 

Have you ever passed by a penny, tails side up, and only through your imprudent behavior, you chose this simply to prevent bad luck?  Have you ever passed by a fountain in the mall and tossed a handful of change, wishing for endless things such as winning the lottery or having homework disappear?  Our brothers and sisters at Victory Primary School (VPS) in Kaliro, Uganda, have turned these pennies into "change".   Starvation, disease, lack of clean water, and lack of schooling are some of the challenges that used to debilitate the children at Victory Primary School.  Despite these adversities, the students now have access to electricity, a library full of books, food each day, safe dormitories to live in each night and access to clean water on the premises of the school property.  

A Chance for Victory shows some of the countless efforts that have been taken by South Orange Middle School students to help bring change to students half way around the world.  Bake sales, a "silence" day, penny drives, talent shows, fashion shows and "penny wars" are just a few of these extraordinary events.  One of the video scenes shows me entering the school premises to see a mere empty brick-walled classroom with diagrams which replace textbooks on the walls, and dormitories with mosquito nets and partially empty, yellow, plastic, water jugs which were once used to collect the much-needed daily water miles away. I also witnessed a vast abundance of loving children just like you throughout the school grounds.  The children and teachers at Victory Primary School thank South Orange Middle School every day for the love and support they have provided over the past 5 years, and for never giving up on them.  I extend my love to the Victory Primary School for changing me as a teacher and as a person.  I thank my husband for making this documentary; it allows the light to shine on amazing children both here in the United States and in Uganda.

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